Nicki Minaj My BFF App Review for iPhone


We’re here to do an app review of Nicki Minja’s my BFF

There are a lot of celebrity BFF apps available on the market – essentially what they are used for is to put you in a picture with celebrities for your social media pages.  Now, how realistic these pictures are, is another story, but for the purpose of this app review we’ll just look over that one!

Firstly, we arrive at the home screen, which is really colourful and very similar to Nicki Minaj’s personality.

Here we will find ‘Take Pic’, ‘Photo Album’ and ‘more games’, now we’re going to start off by learning how to take a picture, we’re not actually going to take a picture, but for the purpose of this app I’m going to teach you how to do it. Clicking on ‘take pic’ opens it up, it is very similar to any iphone just click the middle button and you’ve taken a picture. However, I have pre chosen a picture that we are going to use just to make this review a bit easier. Cancelling out of ‘take pic’ is very straight forward.

Now we’ll click on ’photo album’, now initially a little tab will pop up saying ‘allow us into your camera roll’ just click yes – I’ve pre –done this so it will be very straight forward. Now taking our picture we have chosen we use our thumb and index finger and slightly pinch our photograph to adjust it – we can move it sideways or make it smaller depending on what you are after. Very simple and is essentially the hardest part of the app.

Once you’ve finished adjusting your picture we click ‘done’ which will then transfer you to the ‘instructions’ page. This page is just reiterating what I have just said but I’ll run thought it again with you – pinching the thumb and index finger slightly we can adjust the size and side our picture faces. I do suggest you read this page carefully before continuing as it does help you in understanding how to work the photo adjuster. From this page you cannot adjust your own image, we did that before, it’s strictly just for Nicki Minaj’s image.

Once you have finished with the instructions page, just flick it over and you will reach the main page where you chose the picture of Nicki Minaj.

The pictures of Nicki Minaj that you can see as I scroll down all have to be purchased, I’m not entirely sure how much the images cost, however the first three images are entirely free. We’ll chose the first image of Nicki Minaj and the lollipop. As I mentioned before, using your thumb and index finger, adjust Nicki’s picture.

Once you’ve finished – and you can take as long as you want, I’m just doing it quickly for the purpose of this review. Once you have finished adjusting Nicki’s picture, we then want to click on ‘accessories’ this takes you to the page where you can again ‘purchase’ things such as hair, wigs, clothes, jewellery – you name it, it is probably there.

To adjust the Pictures colour we click on ‘adjust Pic’, you can make your picture grey, black and white or adjust the sepia to give it an olden style look.

When you are perfectly happy with your image and it is everything you want and more, we click ‘save/share’ – it will give you the options of saving your picture directly onto Facebook/Twitter or emailing to someone, however for the purpose of this review we’ll just save the pic to our camera roll by clicking ‘save’ – you’re picture should now be saved! After you are done the App takes you to the ‘rate our app’ page where you can give it a score out of 5.